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Early Stations in Boyle County, Kentucky

Stations and Their Former Locations in Danville/Boyle County, Kentucky

Fisher’s Station                 Located on Lexington Avenue about 1.1 miles from the Boyle County Courthouse where the First Christian Church is now located on Lexington Avenue in Danville.  The Fisher house was built where McDowell Drive enters the very end of Cecilian Terrace.  Cecilian Terrace was once the entrance drive to the Fisher house.

Crow’s Fort                       Located about where the Kentucky Utilities Building parking lot is today on the corner of Broadway and First Street

Crow’s Station                   Located at 471 Stanford Road where Old Crow Inn is located today

Wilson’s Station                 Stone house still standing on the South side of Lebanon Road on the hill behind the homes across from the Central Kentucky Technical College about 3.5 miles from the Boyle County Courthouse.

Irvine’s Station                   Located on Irvine Road off Lebanon Road (Kentucky 34).  It is 5.9 miles from the Boyle County Courthouse where the historic home at the end of Irving Lane is located.

Reed’s Station                   Located about where the 127 Bypass and 150 East Bypass join today where Country Hearth Inn and Reno’s Restaurant are located.  The Reed farm was sold to Jeremiah Fisher in 1840 and the Fisher house is standing where the fire station is now located on Hustonville Road .  That was a very large piece of property and included land all the way out to the present by-pass.  Fackler, in Early Days in Danville, states that Reed’s Station was located about 2 miles SSE of Danville.  Danville was just a small area when Reed’s Station was there so if you measure 2 miles from Constitution Square it puts you right at the bypass on Hustonville Road.

Harberson’s Station           Located in Perryville

Clark’s Station                   Fackler has Clark’s station located on the North bank of Clark’s Run in the fork of Lancaster Road (KY 52) and Stanford Road.  This is about 1.7 miles from the Boyle County Courthouse.

Cowan’s Station                Cowan’s Station was northwest of and close by the present Cambus Kenneth Farm.  This farm is now part of the National Trust and is located on the bypass in Danville across from Lannock Subdivision.  If you take Maple Street North to the bypass and cut back to the entrance of Cambus Kenneth, it will be about 3.5 miles from the Boyle County Courthouse.  Northwest of Cambus Kenneth probably puts Cowan’s Station somewhere on Gentry Lane or Bluegrass Pike.  It was just south of James Harrod’s Station (Not Fort Harrod/Harrodsburg).

Dougherty’s Station           According to Fackler in Early Days in Danville, Dougherty’s Station was located “upon a slight eminence, east bank of Logan’s Creek, about 200 yards above the confluence of Logan’s Creek and Clark’s Run which occurs just before the latter crosses the Danville-Lancaster Pike.  The well-known Bull Spring supplies its water.”  Clark’s Run crosses Lancaster Pike just before you get to 1805 (Goggin Lane).  The confluence of two creeks, Clark’s Run and Ball’s Branch, is on the right just a few feet from highway 52.  There is no Logan’s Creek on the map, so I assume it has been renamed Ball’s Branch.  If this is the spot then it is about 3.2 miles from the Boyle County Courthouse.

Caldwell’s Station              This station was located north of Irvine’s Station on Caldwell Road between Perryville Road and Lebanon Road.  The cemetery for the Caldwell Farm is located on the Tarter  farm near the corner of Caldwell Lane and Irvine Road.  Caldwell’s Chapel is located on the north side of Lebanon Road just passed Irvine Road where the Salt River crosses the road.  Caldwell’s Chapel is now a private home.

Lawrence’s Station            According to Fackler’s book, Mrs. Sarah Graham gave her account of where the forts were located.  She said that Lawrence’s Station was about a mile from Crow’s Station and about a mile from Fisher’s Station in Danville.  She described it as a triangle of the three stations.  Lawrence’s Station was toward Harrodsburg from the other two stations.  If you draw a triangle and pinpoint a place 1 miles from Fisher’s Station and one mile from Crow’s Station toward Harrodsburg, that point is on Hwy 33 (Burgin/Shakertown Road) at the entrance of Silvercreek Drive near Candlewood Subdivision.

Field’s Station                    Fackler places this station about 1 and 1/3 miles west from Danville.  That places this station somewhere near Perryville Road where Beech Street comes in, across from the entrance to Millennium Park.